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Income Insurance is a website dedicated to making the process of finding and obtaining income insurance simple and fast for you. Use our mortgages guide to learn about the process of obtaining income protection insurance and then when you are ready our online quotes service is there to quickly search for a quote suitable for you.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment Insurance (ASU)
Although there are many different types of income protection insurance, this particular site deals with Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance, or ASU. Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance gives you the peace of mind that your ability to meet your outgoings is protected against redundancy or an inability to work due to disability.

Features :

  • Online quotes: Get instant quotes and apply online.

  • Income insurance guide: A detailed guide to income insurance including information on policy features, making a claim etc.
  • About us: Learn about the companies that are working together to provide this service.

  • Links: Links to other great income insurance websites. Also, see OTHER SITES ONTHEWEB for more sites from On The Web

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